evenhanded justice

See: fairness, right
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Palafox, by contrast, believed that the monarchy could more effectively preserve its subjects' loyalty if it respected the integrity of the diverse regional governments under its sway: evenhanded justice, administered in ways tailored to specific regions within the empire, would encourage subjects to cooperate with their king.
Once upon a time, judges were not political animals who thought first about how to advance their political views, and people who carne before them expected evenhanded justice ("A Conservative Legal Group Thrives in Bush's Washington," front page, April 18).
The judge "did not pretend that he was dispensing evenhanded justice.
If left to fester, public misinformation can endanger the ability of our courts to mete out evenhanded justice as "havens of refuge for those who might otherwise suffer because they are helpless, weak, [and] outnumbered.