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2008 Functions and Forms of Eventfulness in Narrative Fiction.
Tans werk sy saam met Peter Hiihn van Hamburg en ander kollegas aan 'n boek oor Eventfulness in Lyric Poetry.
We lurch eagerly toward words like "mutinously" in Stanza II that have color and eventfulness.
Most synoptic studies of Augustine bend eventually to one or both of two models: they make sense of the peripeties of a thinker's life, with whatever violence may be entailed to patterns of thought; or they make sense of a body of doctrine, at the cost of much of the eventfulness of lived intellectual history.
RPA's Creative Director Diane Perduk Rambo says, "Sports clubs should treat their most diehard fans as their best customers, deserving of a store audaciously designed and delivering the eventfulness of a New York City flagship.
None have become more influential than Ginsberg's Notes for "Howl" and Other Poems (1959), with its affiliation to "the visionary" in Whitman and Blake, and Kerouac's "Essentials of Spontaneous Prose" (1958), with its notion of narrative fed by the speed, the drop-out pitch and eventfulness, of American "counter" lives lived always at full tilt.
Instead, we are presented with an empirical, curiosity-driven record of the world with all its irregularities, its myriad textures and colors, its infinite distances, and its nonstop eventfulness.
In a life lived through his highly wrought artistic texts, John Barth finds that the true eventfulness of time is largely, although not entirely, located in the artist's consciousness.
a brick wall under a blue sky--seemingly fading into the surface, which, however, is pocked with small ruptures of frayed canvas--brings an eventfulness of incident and detail to the ostensible blankness of the idea of staring at a wall; the hermit's television is the world as mirror of the self.
In that sense, I agree with Tina's reading of the book as making a reflexive claim for Enlightenment's continuing eventfulness and our own ways of being entailed in long-term mediations we are far from done with.
Language freezes the world, which is an ongoing eventfulness.
Among their topics are Marlowe thinking globally, whether he was a violent man, the Jew of Malta and the development of city comedy, direct address in the plays of Marlowe and his contemporaries, the eventfulness of Hero and Leander, elegiac aesthetics and the epitaph on Sir Roger Manwood, the Roman destination of Doctor Faustus, and conversion and consumption in Tamburlaine: Part One.