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Such clinical nuggets, or innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment, may or may not eventuate in a published, refereed article in an otolaryngology--head and neck surgery journal.
It is about just doing whatever we can to stay relaxed really, staying focused and trying not to get too hyped up, just thinking about what might eventuate.
But reports yesterday that Cerberus is to sell 20,000 former trade union flats it bought three years ago, raised fears the long-awaited turnaround may fail to eventuate.
Both of us would have liked to have got a game on, but there were a few issues we both had - so unfortunately it didn't eventuate," said the master leg-spinner.
Japan is now increasingly worried that only the first phase of construction will eventuate, and a new deal is yet to be struck over the second phase of construction.
Many Nissan officials are anxiously hoping this scenario does not eventuate.
Burt argues that these two notions are psychologically irreconcilable; that although we can deny the ambivalence resulting from attempts to reconcile them, we cannot suppress it; and that the struggle to maintain the denial is likely to eventuate in the eruption of irrational impulses and the emergence of strategies of concealment associated with mistreatment of the dying.
It was also a time when Lutherans were in the initial stages of ecumenical contact, setting up bilateral theological dialogues and participating in the work of Faith and Order which would eventuate in Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (1982).
Although threats of this kind are unlikely to arise for some very substantial time, history has demonstrated that survival and defence strategies should begin to be implemented as early as possible before apprehended threats eventuate.
Those of Ken Fry--MHR for Fraser in the ACT 1974 to 1984--have special significance, consequent on his having been qualified by ability and perhaps ambition for a portfolio that failed to eventuate.
In his wind-up pages, Cozzens concocts six possible outcomes that might eventuate from his proposed discussions.