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The aggregate eventuated risk (the arithmetic sum of the cost impacts of all the risk events which actually occur) is reflected by the cost variance, [DELTA]C.
What started off as talk of a few weeks in a Melbourne City apartment eventuated into a full-blown tour.
Dele Adebola was happy with how last season, his first after injury, eventuated
However, none of the negative predictions about secondary school life had eventuated as being significant in actuality.
In the Indian Ocean, the one place where German and Japanese naval forces might have been able to coordinate operations, nothing of the sort eventuated.
The displacing traumas of modern Chinese history that eventuated in the poet's presence in Taiwan appear in a group of poems on the poet's parents, who were originally from Sichuan Province.
But, for the problems with which we are concerned here -- specifically, the enormous ecological damage for which we humans are responsible -- it is important that we consider briefly that one trajectory that eventuated in the spread and development of human life over all the earth, that cosmic trajectory that issued in the creation of beings with historicity.
An expected boom in bank mergers and acquisitions throughout Asia has so far not eventuated, but a new McKinsey report suggests the bloodletting is about to begin -- with a vengeance
Sadly, but not surprisingly, this has not eventuated.
Sen argues this political fragmentation eventuated in monopolies over certain prestigious commodities as well as in numerous local tax and customs agents -- each imposing a wide variety of tolls and tariffs, assessed according to the status of the merchant and the commodity.
De Gandt suggests that this inadmissibility went deep, and eventuated in later centuries in a redefinition of mathematics.