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There are, of course, still other details that could be added to fill out this picture of a created universe that is everlastingly being preserved within the divine life, but many of them have been developed elsewhere.
bIe But I suppose overall I should be grateful - especially in this age of uber unfaithfulness - that Mr H is the kind of e man who is capable of being totally committed and everlastingly loyal, come what may.
Prepositions can live one long life being really being nothing but absolutely nothing but mistaken and that makes them irritating if you feel that way about mistakes but certainly something that you can be continuously using and everlastingly enjoying.
The problem may not be so acute if one doubts that God intervenes in history, and that a Himmler is receiving his punishment even now, and everlastingly, in the life that comes after death.
Rather, eucharistic unity must exceed the borders of the Church, or it will bring us nothing everlastingly good.
whether I shall see God as a Dove with an Olive branch, (peace to my soule) or as an Eagle, a vulture to prey, and to prey everlastingly upon mee, whether in the deepe floods of Tribulation, spirituall or temporall, I shall see God as an Arke to take mee in, or as a Whale to swallow mee; and if his Whale doe swallow mee, (the Tribulation devour me) whether his purpose bee to restore mee, or to consume me, I, I of my selfe cannot tell.
Vos identifies this moving spirit as a deeply personal longing for and anticipation of the All-Good One, who is everlastingly communicative of "Self and Self-giving" (p.
The idea seems to be that consciousness, driven by longing and despair, outside of nature, can, guided by the star of an ideal (relatively without content except for being high and vast and connected to all live processes), look back at nature, and, as consciousness, see into the source of being where perishing and becoming everlastingly occur, and is made safe by this vision, freed from fear of the knowledge of death.
30) More precisely, all men love to possess the good everlastingly and in their possession of it they produce beauty, particularly, as the passage goes on to say, the beauty that is true virtue.
And the persistent sense of defeat -- especially since I grew up fully aware that I belonged to a homeland that was bequeathed to me in the form of an open wound, bleeding everlastingly.
Thus we read in the last line of this passage of approaching nature, not of reaching it, as though the artist could only hope to draw forever nearer his goal without ever attaining it entirely, leading himself everlastingly along an asymptotic projection toward a pure representation of Nature but never, in fact, reaching it.
My hope is that the present essay, in which God is seen as immutably mutable and as the greatest conceivable being who everlastingly becomes, helps to remedy this imbalance.