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Every Last Child gained critical acclaim from press around the world and recently completed a theatrical release in the US.
For three consecutive days Every Last Child can be viewed for free in a number of cinemas in the UAE.
Every Last Child, directed by award-winning filmmaker Tom Roberts, follows the harrowing stories of five people -- including vaccinators, parents and health care workers -- who are caught up in the current polio crisis in Pakistan.
I am pleased with my longevity, you cherish every moment you have and get every last bit out of yourself," Ponting added.
Can I suggest you do a questionnaire or survey to find out whether people really want every last bit of countryside in their locality covered in concrete?
One 75-year-old parishioner, who helps with the maintenance of the church but did not want to be named in fear of reprisals, said: "They have systematically taken every last bit of lead from the roof.
You shake your head as they carry on, patiently answering every last question about the new league, the future of women's soccer and their place in it.
David Pim: extracted every last bid for every horse
As people had then removed every last mattress, a young soldier sat watching from his tank, chewing gum.
Circuit Court of Appeals threw out every last mail-in ballot in the 1997 Miami fraud case, arguing that absentee voting was a "privilege," not a right.
The Education Department wasn't exactly counting every last dime either.