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The assertion is notable not only for its straightforward affirmation of the necessity of adjustment to new conditions and therefore its suggestion of discrimination between past and present, but also because it provided a criterion for deciding when such a change should be adopted: when required by necessity or clear advantage--urgens necessitas vel evidens utilitas.
Forskningsstrategiske satsninger--empirisk forskning, evidens, modus 2?
Prosecutor Graham Reeds QC said Hodgson cynically invented a desperate and false story of "nonsense and lies" to explain away the compelling evidens ce against him.
Prime, verbi conceptuo, qua scilicet praecon cipiatur in mente id quod ore loquendum est; secundo ipsius verbi concepti expressio, qua insinuetur quod conceptum est; tertio ipsius rei expressae manifestatio, qua res expressa evidens fiat.
43) "[S]ecundum istam viam quod iste est processus: primo apprehenditur res simplici intelligentia; secundo formatur compositio evidens tertio modo; tertio apprehenditur apprehensione simplici illa compositio seu complexum; et ultimo assentitur complexo, ita quod licet assensus sit quaedam apprehensio (non illa quidem qua mediante causatur), non tamen apprehensio quod ita sit sicut per propositionem significatur .
Error,' inquiunt mathematici, 'hic est evidens, cum impossibile sit tantam distantiam depraendi quantumvis de excelso toco propter terrae globositatem et radii visivi imbecillitatem.
14] In response to this comment, Sobe announced `I have evidence' (the transliteration evidens is used both in Tok Pisin and in Hiri Motu in village courts), and immediately produced a fist-sized newspaper bundle, which he placed on the magistrates' bench.
Lateran IV, for instance, legitimated changes if they were done out of urgens necessitas vel evidens utilitas.
Ockham's discussion of notitia evidens (evident notions) suggests that belief is a matter of having a certain mental sentence in mind.