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The process was dramatically simplified with the invention of evidential infra-red breath testing at the station, offering comparable accuracy to blood testing -- and removing the need for a doctor to be called out.
Using this method, the analyst access to enough known pixels to create representative parameters for each evidential layer.
I have argued on the basis of more extensive data from the more elaborate evidential system in Tibetan that the inferential/hearsay and "new knowledge" senses, for all that they may strike us as almost contradictory, are in fact at least in some languages very compatible, and even susceptible of reduction to a single category (DeLancey 1990: 157).
Later on, he concluded, "In my judgment, a very significant feature of this case is that the defendant has failed to provide any evidential basis of substance for supporting a defence.
Having previously worked for Northumbria Police for 30 years, 10 years in the fraud squad, what I can now do at UNW for businesses is quite unique, pulling together all the preparatory investigative work and providing that as an evidential package to the police.
This paper examines a contextualist thesis that has been little discussed in comparison with contextualism about knowledge, namely, contextualism about evidential support.
It is worth noting that within the realis category the indicative and evidential are not opposites: the Khanty indicative does not code any value of evidentiality.
Rachael's uncle, policeman Neil Cunningham, said: "I'm not really interested in the evidential package.
The evidential categories distinguish between witnessed (direct), unwitnessed (indirect), inferential, and reported evidence.
Advance payment also performs an evidential function, but, unlike earnest money, advance payment never secures performance of the contract.
Mr Bailhache said "for legal and evidential reasons" neither case can move forward.