evil behavior

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Perhaps you should put your arrogance and intoxication of power aside for a while, and think quietly about the ultimate ramifications and repercussion of your evil behavior on future Jewish generations.
Robin defies local authority in the belief that the king would not allow the evil behavior if he knew about the situation.
Tolkien's fantasy expresses "the wonder and ecstasy of pure otherness" (64), for example, in the evil behavior of the orcs, Gollum, and the spider Shelob in The Lord of the Rings.
Garber laughed incredulously when Obama answered with: "I think they've engaged in an evil behavior, and I think that it is important that we understand they're not the old Soviet Union but they still have nationalist impulses that I think are very dangerous.
He focuses on the important point that reason paradoxically approves the retrospective ascription of responsibility for evil, even while taking evil behavior to be purely naturalistic.
One should question his basic method of argument, which is to look for examples of particularly violent or evil behavior by religious believers and then blame it on their faith.
We assume that the world is normally peaceful, that victims are pure, that harm is gratuitous and intentional, that evil behavior is from uncontrolled emotions, and that the evil person is an outsider or alien to the community.
Bag ironically celebrates the joys of power and control not only in order to out the evil behavior of her "clients" but to reveal a larger picture of advanced capital's tightening, ever more efficient, total grip on both consumer subjectivity and world politics today.