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People around me get worried because recently I uploaded a picture of Inaaya on Instagram [and] they thought that she will catch the evil eye.
Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune, illness or even death.
It means damage on the people and products when they experience praising of somebody and some people believe that evil eye is not harmful and it means result of kindness and praising.
The evil eye stems from the Greek theory that the eye can shoot rays that strike with harmful or deadly force.
The so-called healer promised the girl to remove the evil eye supposedly used by enviers against her family through the graveyard.
We just want to ensure that nobody casts an evil eye on the political rally," said a senior leader of the party.
Frontman Alex Kapranos exuded cool throughout the gig and there was room for new tracks, such as Evil Eye and Right Action.
I got the evil eye for breastfeeding in the corner in a kids' shoe store while my husband worked at trying shoes on a toddler.
Maria asked when I told her I was here to talk to her about her experiences with the evil eye.
The Streatham clothes horse is, I can reveal, hooked on evil eye jewellery.
Among his topics are contagion as metaphor in Iberian Christian scholarship, situating scholastic contagion between miasma and the evil eye, contagion between Islamic law and theology, and early modern Maghrebi plague treatises.
IN the 21st century we can find many people who consider the evil eye to be a superstition which has disappeared in Wales.