evil intent

See: malice
References in classic literature ?
My hearers may have been young men, or well off; certainly they cannot have been laughing with evil intent at what I had said.
The heathen are abroad in goodly numbers," said David; "and, I fear, with evil intent.
But if he had put his rifle to his shoulder with evil intent God would have punished him for it; and even if the Lord didn’t, and he had missed his aim, I know one that would have given him as good as he sent, and better too, if good shooting could come into the ‘count.
Nor did it matter that ignorance rather than evil intent had been the cause of their failure.
However, our world must be vigilant against rogue states and terrorists with evil intent.
There are many people living in communities all over Kirklees, all over the country, who have worked hard to ensure peace and harmony and it would be tragic if their efforts went to waste because of the ideological thinking of a teenager who may well have been influenced by people with evil intent.
Stating that she doesn't believe there is evil intent, she remarks that the way to make a fortune is to give cancer to someone who has health insurance, and then test, monitor and treat her for the rest of her life.
He continued: "We do not want after the achieved victory to offer losses as a result of booby- trapping, to inflict the greatest number of casualties, so we call on everyone to stay away from mined areas and not to give an opportunity to achieve evil intent to the IS .
The play moves through time warps as these criminals meet one another in different time periods, discuss their motives and inspire one another's evil intent.
I harbour a similar evil intent towards the gluttons who neck back giant cups of coffee as they stride along out streets, again frequently blind to anything happening around them.
Ofcom's brush-off is a timely reminder that social media can bite back, is unsafe in the hands of those unable to understand they leave themselves vulnerable to those of evil intent.