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To them, women are evil-doing queens, who must be allowed to dance and sing and laugh as they please; they see nothing sacred or saintly in them, nor anything grand; to them there is no poetry in the senses, only gross sensuality.
Now," he began, "now our rebellion is swallowed up in victory, and our evil-doing is justified by strength.
You are to blame, and yet you persevere in evil-doing.
Hard-heartedness and evil-doing will never prosper, sir,' said Mr Snawley.
Their very evil-doing could not be of the same kind.
Hizbullah-run statelet is deemed more powerful than a Lebanese state contented with playing the role of a false witness to the party's evil-doing, he noted.
Accusations and conspiracy theories are flying every which way, with most of the suspicions of evil-doing centered on Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.
Of course, the movie's modernised exploration of the evil-doing Djinn only served to amplify this.
As a result, voodoo has a connotation of evil-doing.
Reasons for evil-doing may originate in malevolence, but religious and secular ideologies strengthen them.
Foreign Israeli rule over the Palestinians contains too much evil-doing to be recounted or even summarized here.
Thanks to the Editor for saying what all right-minded people are thinking, at this latest account of evil-doing.