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More generally, the actions of evildoers are often inexplicable, unsupported by the kind of reason that is embedded in the logic of means and ends, and, thus, assume the appearance of gratuitous destruction--of violence for the sake of violence that does not spare the actors themselves.
The United States must rely primarily on military might, since the only language that the sinful evildoers understand is force.
The unifying factor among the Jewish leaders, the Roman soldiers, and the first evildoer is that they are challenging Jesus' power and authority by taunting him to come down from the cross.
To a moralist, drug companies are definitely evildoers.
Note also that at psalm's end it is the evildoer's way that will be lost or perish, not the evildoer in person.
In "Stay Tuned for Danger," TV's hottest star is receiving frightening threats, and it's up to Nancy to go undercover to expose the evildoer.
Although his murdered body is eventually found and the evildoer is discovered, this is not a murder mystery.
Other letters, headed "dear ignoramus", contained definitions of various words - such as gutless, evil, evildoer and torture - taken from Kirk's dictionary.
Further, Jesus taught his followers: "Do not resist an evildoer.
In actuality the anonymous evildoer sent out this malicious program from a mail server located in Australia and the aforementioned sender information was deliberately falsified.
Listening to Beth Kennedy (playing Borachio) attempting to explain the plan while Matt Walker (playing evildoer Don John) kibbitzes and pokes fun is enough to make the dourest viewer cough up a lung in hysterics of this madcap troupe, each gives as good as (s)he gets.
However, Dan correctly states that the rapist was the evildoer.