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Given human sinfulness and evilness, any recourse to philosophy or rational thinking becomes inadequate unless it is coupled with repentance.
Those tougher punishments ensure that security personnel are protected and at the same time attackers are protected from the evilness within themselves," he said.
Let's our Mother Public University of South Sudan not bedefiled by money whose sources might be tainted with the dirt of evilness ofthe darkness that has befallen the public monies of South Sudan since 2005.
For eleven years, I had dreamed of that face, the evilness, the pain, and the fear I felt during those dark moments.
THURSDAY Some are born evil, some achieve evil and some have evilness thrust upon them.
But Crispin knows he cannot be free until he puts an end to the evilness that resides in his parents' house.
ALSUDANI: Al -Bashir: some African countries supported Qaddafi's regime for fear of his evilness.
We are not all duped; a narrative predicated on the nastiness or evilness of neoliberalism too often undercuts or underestimates the capacity of ordinary individuals to push back and make advances, no matter how systemically insignificant that may appear to others.
EastEnders (BBC1, 9pm) The evilness of Yusef has finally been revealed, and all those who thought that the highly respected doctor was a pillar of society are in for a shock.
And since virtue and evilness and the actions that spring from them are in some cases praiseworthy and in other cases blameworthy (for praise and blame are not given to what necessity or fortune or nature determine but to things of which we ourselves are the causes, since for things of which another one is the cause, that person has the blame and the praise), it is clear that both goodness and badness have to do with things of which a man is himself the cause and origin of actions.
Faces, he mused, "full of pain, of mistrust, of vice, of evilness and delinquency".
The tension is maintained pretty much throughout, notably by Jonathan Slinger as the peroxide-headed Macbeth, who grows in stature the more brutal he becomes, haunted by the ghosts of his evilness.