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His current thinking examines how the genocidal logics of social liquidation, cultural extermination, physiological evisceration, and racist terror become normalized features of everyday life, particularly in the "post-civil rights" and "post-racial" moments.
Evisceration has been suggested as an alternative to enucleation in birds (5,7,13-16) but has not been described for multiple cases or with long-term follow-up data in birds of prey.
The incidence of evisceration was 0% for robotic hysterectomy, 11.
On inspection of the genital region there was evidence of vaginal prolapse with a 20-30 cm evisceration of small bowel via a vaginal vault defect.
However, because of the recent testing of the flock, the birds in this instance were assumed to be free of infection, and workers did not wear goggles and face masks in the evisceration section on the day the flocks were processed.
Fish for evisceration are poured directly into the tank by hand or conveyor.
Table 1: Bacteria obtained from culturing Samples of canine corneal ulcers Percent Number of dogs Bacteria 28 6 Staphylococcus coagulase + 23 5 Staphylococcus coagulase - 4 1 Pseudomonas 4 1 Streptococcus 4 1 Fungus 37 8 Negative culture 100 22 Total Table 2: Performed Treatment on corneal ulcers in dogs Treatment Number of dogs Percent Ciprofloxacin and amikacin drops 12 54 Conjunctival flap with topical drops 6 28 Eye evisceration in time references 4 18 Total 22 100
Codrea then claims, "What Maddow is talking about is nothing less than the complete evisceration of the Second Amendment.
In their case, that would be the evisceration of a squeaky toy.
Carcasses were imaged after evisceration, but before they were washed, at a rate of 150 birds per minute.
Carcasses were imaged after evisceration but before washing, at a rate of 150 birds per minute.
During the litter carry, the competitors were graded on providing first aid to a simulated casualty whose wounds included a double amputation and abdominal evisceration.