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Equally evocative is Transplanted, 2001/2005, a manicured heap of large tar-paper rectangles, many of them torn along one edge, which, like many of Donovan's works, tweaks and conflates Earth art and post-Minimalist scatter.
Both ruddy cherrywood and taut cables were evocative of musical instruments, while the repetitive but varied forms were partly intended by the designers to evoke music itself.
Autumn Shadows In August is very strongly recommended for all general fiction readers for its evocative telling and unique style and presentation of a timeless tale from the depths of an unhappy life in Japan to the hot pursuit of an aging ghost and an overall remarkable story.
The result is a charming, achingly evocative film about 17-year-old Tobi (Robert Stadlober), who is in love with his best friend, Achim.
The looping tape of a musical vamp conveyed a measure of futility, and without the evocative props, the dancing felt aimless.
The sweeping lyrics, evocative of the resilience and beauty of nature, distinguish this breathtaking celebration of California in free verse.
John, was considerably more evocative, augmenting this most open-ended of structural models by suggesting a methodology--formally investigative--and a mood--awestruck--well suited to what emerged as a rangy collection of eccentric images and objects.
Kelly Norman Ellis' first collection contains evocative blues and narrative poems that paint vivid memories of tradition and childhood.
If there is a criticism with the book, it is in its somewhat lazy approach to correcting spelling and grammar, but this is more than made up for by its evocative design and breadth of discussion.
Then he wrote about it in this wonderfully evocative account that mixes fishing lore, the inside skinny on feuding fishing guides and first-hand accounts of ``blitzes'' of fish that churn the water and quicken the pulse of any fishermen lucky enough to witness them.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A stark landscape evocative of devastation and the promise of renewal has been selected from over 200 entries in an international design competition for the National AIDS Memorial in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.