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20) And, as noted, Boyd states that 'the mundane events' of Sammy's day nonetheless 'possess a resonance and evocativeness that belie the brevity of description' (p.
Rebekah Bohnet Fontane and Eivar Martinez danced with convincing interpretation and evocativeness as, respectively, the Arabian princess and prince; Marissa Martin steered her sheep gracefully as the Shepardess; and Rebecca Leach shone as the Dew Drop Fairy.
For sheer spontaneity, evocativeness, and impeccable draftsmanship, he might have been describing the art of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.
Louise Plow right is the exception, offering a certain degree of evocativeness as Yvonne, the older and wiser woman of the bunch.
The evocativeness of words, misreadings, cross-readings and living across codes is beautifully described in this interview and in Nixon's book.
St Helena Island Theatre Stories enhancing Improvisation Troupe (SHTT) & site's & sustained ABSea Cruises (ABSC), SEQ evocativeness.
Of equal concern were the possible factors that may influence the selection decision, such as clarity of the video, evocativeness of the incident, confidentiality issues (are children's faces clearly visible and identifiable), and the researcher's interests and biases.