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Louise Plow right is the exception, offering a certain degree of evocativeness as Yvonne, the older and wiser woman of the bunch.
The evocativeness of words, misreadings, cross-readings and living across codes is beautifully described in this interview and in Nixon's book.
the roughly six decades of a legally Jim Crow American society" (3) and argues that Ellison's continuing evocativeness "may point less to [his] universality than to a broader social and political failure that keeps us mired in the racial commonsense of the twentieth century" (13).
At times, the scholar and general reader will find Posey's style and humor reminiscent of Mark Twain in "Jes 'Bout a Mid'lin, Sah" and "Fable of the Foolish Young Bear," see the Indian writer's evocativeness as when hearing alluring campfire stories in "Chinnubbie and the Owl" and "Chinnubbie Scalps and Squaws" and note the pride and continued struggle for survival of Natives in "Sequoyah" and "Story by an Indian Raconteur.
St Helena Island Theatre Stories enhancing Improvisation Troupe (SHTT) & site's & sustained ABSea Cruises (ABSC), SEQ evocativeness.
Of equal concern were the possible factors that may influence the selection decision, such as clarity of the video, evocativeness of the incident, confidentiality issues (are children's faces clearly visible and identifiable), and the researcher's interests and biases.
It has long been noted that spatial thinking provides us with analogies and tools for understanding other domains, as shown by the efficacy of diagrams, the pervasive spatial metaphors of everyday language, the evocativeness of place in memory, and the special role that geometry, astronomy, and cartography have played in the development of science and technology.
text; generalizations drawn from facts, interpretation of significance of a literary work; general interpretation explaining the whole work Evaluative Appreciation FA A statement about the Responses evocativeness of the work;
A team of four judges was trained to rate the stories for originality, complexity, emotional evocativeness, and descriptiveness.
We should encourage them to describe in as much detail as possible not just for correctness but relevancy, not just for clear language but strong language, not just for denotation but evocativeness as well.
These recreations of Romanian peasant celebrations pulse with vitality, vigour and evocativeness.
Hood's study thus discloses the fundamental connection of two elements long noted in Tennyson's poetry, infinite evocativeness and the themes of love and desire.