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Evoke Group is a collection of leading health marketing, communications and media companies with offices in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and London.
In addition, Fredrik StaAaAaAeA{l von Holstein, CEO of Evoke Gaming, wi remain as head of Evoke Gaming's operations after the transaction has been completed and will become a member of Mr Green Ltd's management team in Malta.
EVOKE Flow, powered by Imagination's hardware multi-threaded META processor and UCC (Universal Communications Core) technologies, reportedly combines DAB digital radio with Wi-Fi technology and FM to combine many ways of listening to audio, including Internet radio stations, DAB digital radio, FM, podcasts, Listen Again content and media streaming from local PCs or network storage.
Depicting a pattern of stained-glass windows in Wright's design that evokes the signature paintings of Mondrian, the image suggests that Eberle's project here is a reverent meditation on the intersecting legacies of modernism.
THE whole subject of discipline is one that evokes very strong reactions, depending on whether someone is for or against discipline especially of children.
First, a product that does a better job than what was on the market before can evoke passion.
Both shirts, then, evoke ruined structures that once stood in Brooklyn--Sal's parlor still smoking, and Ebbets Field, the home of the Dodgers, demolished in 1960--but they also loosely relate to the two divergent courses of political action that are suggested in the film's recurring juxtapositions of Martin Luther King Jr.
Its dated look thus evokes a graphic language not of wartime but of the mid-century idea of the benevolent power.
Before Evoke software was available, data analysts had to manually construct an understanding of existing databases and data sources, often relying on misunderstood or out-dated metadata.
They are light-hearted, and evoke both the excitement of the races and the happiness of the rare sun in England's cloudy climate.
Evoke Software is a provider of Data Profiling software for Global 2000 enterprises.