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Based on this study conducted by Entrepreneur, Evoke is a company that exemplifies growth, not just in top and bottom line, but in sustainability and ability to achieve lasting success.
com)-- Evoke restaurant, new to Uptown Charlotte, introduces a contemporary twist on worldwide favorites, focusing on prime and dry-aged steaks, house-made pastas and innovative, raw seafood crudos, utilizing the highest quality products sourced locally, regionally and abroad.
Moyise, who is not further identified, quotes nine selected passages from the New Testament and explores what passages, images, or other features of the Hebrew Bible each is intended to evoke for its readers.
Offering a minimal, architectural look in round and seamless square apertures, Amerlux Lighting Solutions has introduced Evoke Trimless 2.
Data discovery and profiling software provider Evoke Software Corp.
That will evoke the Highlight Changes dialog box (see exhibit 6, page 63).
Mitchell Englander, Smith's campaign strategist, said he wasn't aware that the Valley News & Green Sheet was still published or that its copyright was protected, insisting he just meant to evoke nostalgia for the past.
Whether you are using this duet as a festival or recital selection, it is sure to evoke favorable responses from those who hear it.
The posters' antique Modernism may have been intended to evoke positive memories of a stalwart and determined Churchillian Britain.
For Americans, French still evokes the country of France in a way that Spanish does not evoke Spain.
They are light-hearted, and evoke both the excitement of the races and the happiness of the rare sun in England's cloudy climate.