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As observed for imagined smells, pleasant real smells evoked larger sniffs than unpleasant ones did.
Its versatility, paired with agreeable growing conditions in the United States, has evoked the passionate interest of American growers.
The nystagmus on the warm simultaneous binaural bithermal test evoked the most intense nystagmus of all the caloric stimuli.
The venues, participants, and themes evoked historic memory, most prominently the Ebenezer Baptist Church which has been so much a part of the civil rights movement.
In Black Charlestonians that meant giving equal consideration to an earlier era when the terms "slave," "free black," and "free person of color" all evoked particular meanings and to a post-Civil War era in which earlier distinctions vanished in principle as all Blacks became free citizens.
In a more recent discussion, Howard[2] stresses the different strategic implications and managerial considerations associated with a brand's being either in or out of consumers' evoked set.
Each fragment of Venous Flow was a jewel that simultaneously evoked absence and presence: the image of a woman's face as she recounts her lover's death; a pregnant dancer under the moving clouds of a blue sky; an old man's fruitless attempts to play a toy piano that is continually pulled away from him; a woman who stares at the audience to say boldly, "Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
Our study was conducted in order to fully investigate the effects of tympanic membrane perforations on a particular type of evoked otoacoustic emissions: distortion-product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs).
Ovid is also evoked by the dog who, appearing to mourn the nymph's death, recalls the faithful hound given by Procris to Cephalus.
Appropriately enough given the circumstances, the '50s are evoked by the use of unembellished wood and perspex light-fitting.
They found abnormal evoked potentials in the multiple sclerosis patients only.
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