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Auditory nerve -brainstem evoked responses in hyperbilirubinaemic neonates.
Bone-conducted brainstem auditory evoked response in a dog with total bilateral ear canal ablation: a case report.
A recent and further development of a digital ABR by SensoDetect AB (Lund, Sweden), called SensoDetect Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (SD-BERA), has been developed as a diagnostic tool for psychiatric diseases, but has never been evaluated during general anaesthesia.
The next day, a brainstem auditory evoked response was performed to assess the function of the auditory system.
Findings revealed abnormal auditory brainstem evoked responses (BSER) to a unique dichotic stimulus called Virtual Image Analysis (VIA) (Dalton and Cooper, 1985, United States Patent #4,5560601985) expanded the clinically established brainstem evoked response paradigm by adding a third dimension to the results.
The content had no personal meaning to the volunteers, so the evoked response in their brains would be restricted to the reception of spoken language.
In a recent study, we measured the evoked response of the optic nerve, an objective measure of visual processing, and found pathology in the evoked response of babies exposed in utero (Neurotoxicology 2003;24:725-31).
Visual evoked response (VER) is abnormal in 75-97% definite MS cases.
Known as the auditory brain stem evoked response, the $35,000 machine sends soft sounds to a baby's ears, and the brain response is then passed via electrodes into a laptop computer for hearing analysis.
MR, lumbar puncture and the evoked response test are widely used to diagnose MS.
Professor Kenny believes his Auditory Evoked Response device could be in use within five years and reassure hundreds of thousands of patients.
If a child cannot respond to any of these tests, a referral can be made for a Visually Evoked Response exam.