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The literature, however, disagrees on whether risk propensity is a stable or evolvable personality trait.
Let us suppose that every such cube contains S square metres of a cloth (that need not be evolvable into a plane).
36) Everything suggests that the genetic code is evolved and evolvable after all.
As for the third issue, we adopt a dynamic evolvable approach to producing and publishing data service that make the data service more adaptable to client quest.
This calls not just for "more" or "better" systems in response, but also for more autonomous and evolvable systems, which, we believe, would prove effective in helping us contain, at least in part, our problem of rising costs.
27] describe a conceptual framework where evolvable systems are structured in Evolver-Producer pairs (E-P).
Designing self-organization for evolvable assembly systems.
Evolvable designs of experiments; applications for circuits.
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suggest a dramatic overhaul of the scientific publication process, replacing published papers with "liquid papers" that are evolvable and admit contribution from many in the manner of open source software and wikis.