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It is a growing mechanism that is not yet finished, and may never be; but it has already evolved far enough to be one of the wonders of the electrical world.
Finally, Xodar, who is a fiend for subtle craftiness, evolved a plan whereby we might worm the information from him.
I take it that conscience is the guardian in the individual of the rules which the community has evolved for its own preservation.
Hilbery had evolved a theory that Anne Hathaway had a way, among other things, of writing Shakespeare's sonnets; the idea, struck out to enliven a party of professors, who forwarded a number of privately printed manuals within the next few days for her instruction, had submerged her in a flood of Elizabethan literature; she had come half to believe in her joke, which was, she said, at least as good as other people's facts, and all her fancy for the time being centered upon Stratford-on-Avon.
Only a genius could have evolved such a lock as this is designed to spring.
She became more and more determined and excited as she evolved her plan.
He hopes that in other and slighter things he has bettered his own instruction, and that in form and in fact the book is altogether less crude and less rude than the papers from which it has here been a second time evolved.
He worked mighty hard mixing all sorts of things together, until finally he evolved a substance that looked like powder.
Gradually rudimentary nervous systems and minute brains evolved.
Ah, but could we once get a start, I am sure that when all were true cos-ata-lo there would have been evolved at last the true dominant race before which all the world would be forced to bow.
Then Soto came gliding noiselessly into the room, fully dressed, with tireless eyes but wan face,--Soto, the prototype of his master, the most perfect secretary and servant evolved through all the years.
For some reason altogether beyond our conception--and man may have been a mere accident, a by-product evolved in the process.