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He said the injured will get an ex gratia of Rs100,000.
Former North Wales Liberal Democrat Assembly candidate Mark Young, who spotted details of the ex gratia payment to Ms Stone in the Older People's Commissioner's annual accounts said: "I think it's disgraceful that public money has been spent in this way, especially when services affecting older people and the rest of the community are being cut across Wales.
However, to postulate the argument for ex gratia payments is inappropriate as it could introduce a new compensation culture based on the loosest of principles.
He is still waiting for the ex gratia amount of ` 2 lakh that former Bihar CM Rabri Devi had announced
We understand that this humanitarian ex gratia payment does not prejudice the final 
outcome of the ongoing investigation which is currently under way in the United States," he was quoted as saying by the Indian media.
This article attempts to address the gap in the literature by examining ex gratia cases and the state's corresponding rationale to justify these outcomes in the Australian context.
The Swedish government is to pay ex gratia compensation to two persons whose employments have been adversely affected in an unreasonable way after personal information was given out by SAPO, the Swedish security police.
The boss vaguely mentioned I may get an ex gratia payment when the new supervisor starts but it is all very loose.
These provisions were enacted to put on a statutory footing a scheme for the payment of compensation to victims of crimes of violence which had existed on a extra-statutory and ex gratia since 1964.
Summary: Morena (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Feb 26 (ANI): Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Monday declared that the family of each soldier from the state killed in action would be given an ex gratia of Rs one crore along with other benefits.
Regarding the payment by the Protection of Wages on Insolvency Fund (PWIF) of the shortfall in ex gratia payment on severance payment (SP) to claimants, a spokesman for the Labour Department today (June 1) stated that the PWIF Board has thus far received some 680 claims of this nature and processed 660 claims, with payment of the shortfall made to 497 claimants.
But the government rejected his claim with the I& B minister Manish Tewari saying Singh has been paid ` 31 lakh in the form of ex gratia by the central & Maharashtra governments.