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It's thought to be a minority -- Lake County Coroner Howard Cooper says 175 to 200 individuals were treated in the county's 223 naloxone uses -- but getting the exact data is an important part of understanding the opioid addiction epidemic and the ways to stop it.
The new merged municipality thinks it is absolutely essential that exact data are available throughout the organization and that the procedures and processes run as automated as possible.
Gradifi's new clients include Bowers Insurance, Cherrytree Group, KerberRose, Adishian Law Group, Exact Data, Math Genie, Deserve, Bloomsburg Vet Hospital and Lifetime Eye Care.
The FBI at one point made an exact data image of the server when it was investigating the security hole discovered in the state's system.
They would conduct research on the agreements between the central government and local governments for total investment under CPEC, investment in SEZs, information gap analysis, obtaining exact data and information about CPEC agreements and its impact.
should you start looking at what data you will need and how you will ensure that it's the exact data you need.
OHCHR explains that this situation in the Gaza Strip has not only affected the daily lives of Palestinians in the Strip, but also contributed to "violent crime, domestic violence, including femicides, and attempted suicides; although exact data is hard to obtain.
The technology was conceived to provide the exact data and analysis necessary to help mitigate damage and reduce claims.
While exact data has not yet been released, the trial of 27,402 patients was said to have reached its primary endpoint one year before schedule.
The new survey will give us the exact data as it is far more comprehensive than the previous one.
P750 million daw yung nagastos pero wala pa ring exact data ang makakapagsabi kung yun lang talaga or nadadagdagan pa,' Alinea said.
Last generation ETL tools are strongly typed, requiring the developer to define the exact data structures that will be passing through integrations while designing them.