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Exacter technology significantly expands Davey Resource Group's capabilities by identifying problematic line equipment without visual signs of deterioration.
Utilities that have used Exacter conditions-based assessment data are able to work "smarter" and not only accelerate the restoration of power, but allow management to better target circuits for either strategic repair or total rebuild.
This impacts utility reliability statistics, causes collateral equipment damage, and is costly to the consumer as well as the utility," stated John Lauletta, CEO of Exacter, Inc.
The Exacter System operates from moving vehicles and "listens" for specific Failure Signature emissions that are the telltale precursor to a flashover.
We are working to provide the right embeddable platform for EXACTER technology and are in partner discussions to create the OEM components for this Smart-Sensor application.
Tomorrow's Smart Grid is today's aging distribution system," states John Lauletta, President of Exacter, Inc.
Even in the electric utility industry, the overwhelming approach to power outages is mitigation - not pre-emptive measures for prevention," states John Lauletta, CEO of Exacter, Inc.
Under the agreement, Exacter will leverage PAR's resources to help deliver turnkey reliability inspection services utilizing Exacter's patented technology.
Finding failed lightning arresters and failing cutouts presents a challenge for utilities because typically there are no visual signs of failure," states Exacter President John Lauletta.
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Participants from five countries along with university researchers, consultants, and technology providers gathered in Columbus, Ohio, February 9-11 to share insights on applying the latest field reliability technology and discuss how to use "predictive measurements" to empower preventive maintenance programs at the fourth conference on Overhead Distribution Reliability sponsored by Exacter, Inc.
This year over 240 companies competed for 13 awards, with Exacter, Inc.