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Responsive to light and air currents and open at the bottom as if it could drift down to enclose a viewer standing below, the tentlike structure is nevertheless exactingly detailed, a diaphanous confection whose specific architectural character asserts itself gradually.
Tsai integrates these incongruously sequined but exactingly calibrated interludes perfectly into the inorganic matter of the elevators and stairwells.
The FUJITSU Tablet ARROWS Tab series has been expanded with the ARROWS Tab Q506/ME, exactingly designed for ease of use in the classroom.
Now in an updated tenth edition, Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands is a "must-have" travel guide, assembled to Lonely Planet's exactingly high standards.
Sincerity is judged exactingly in Australia; we have crude words for those who try to pull the wool over our eyes, for fraudsters or pretenders.
The significantly large Orthodox Jewish communities residing within the Zionist state itself also exactingly follow this path; their only wish is to pursue a life of study, prayer and servitude to the Almighty in the Holy Land.
The profile produced product's salesperson assures the customer that his technologically sophisticated roasting operation will hit the same exactingly drawn parameters with each and every roast.
Service is exactingly professional and Sean is always there to chat with old friends and first-timers.
Similarly, the tenderloin steak was so exactingly prepared that it did not need a sauce to dress it up.
Her Anne is perched exactingly between rebellious teenager and the unfolding allure of adulthood.
Chapter One presents exactingly detailed verbal descriptions of visual texts that become demanding to follow and build into an image in the reader's imagination for referencing through the discussion.
As discussed above, even if a laboratory exactingly controls the manufacturing process during the expansion of MSCs, injecting MSCs poses significant risks to patients.