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EXACTION, torts. A willful wrong done by an officer, or by one who, under color of his office, takes more fee or pay for his services than what the law allows. Between extortion and exaction there is this difference; that in the former case the officer extorts more than his due, when something is due to him; in the latter, he exacts what is not his due, when there is nothing due to him. Wishard; Co. Litt. 368.

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There, the court held that Nollan and Dolan at least apply to monetary exactions imposed on a discretionary basis.
As a result, incentive zoning is difficult to distinguish from cases involving exactions, like Nollan and Dolan v.
From Subdivision Improvement Requirements to Community Benefit Assessments and Linkage Payments: A Brief History of Land Development Exactions (Exactions: A Controversial New Source for Municipal Funds).
Since nearly 90 percent of local governments impose monetary exactions on new development (up from 10 percent in 1960), a favorable ruling in Ehrlich could foreclose many land-use restrictions.
Kennedy School of Government, have done an excellent job presenting the history of land-based exactions, discussing the issues fairly and covering most aspects of many contentious matters.
Authored by leading Colorado land planning experts, "Colorado Land Planning and Development Law" features easy-to-read essential information on planning, zoning, subdivision, planned unit developments (PUDs), exactions and other timely issues in planning and development law.
Selon le conferencier, [beaucoup moins que] cette Autrichienne, d'origine russe, arrivee a l'age de 20 ans en Algerie, a suscite une large controverse durant et apres sa mort, rappelant, a ce titre, ses articles et correspondances de guerre de 1902 qui ont mis a nu les exactions du colonialisme francais sur les populations autochtones, en plus des articles traitant des resistances populaires dans le sud oranais, celle menee par Cheikh Bouamama en particulier [beaucoup plus grand que].
Portolano perceived in the UN Security Council Resolution dated August 31st, a significant international backing of the Lebanese military adding that levels of coordination between UNIFIL and LAF served to establish confidence building measures bound to limit the amount of breaches and exactions along the Blue-line; Activities along Wazzani River testify clearly to that he said.
Siegel, Exactions After Lingle: How Basing Nollan and Dolan on the Unconstitutional Conditions Doctrine Limits Their Scope, 28 STAN.
Ce n'est pas tout, les exactions touchent aussi la realisation des projets sans etudes de faisabilite et techniques prealables.
Nevertheless, the Court in each instance held that those exactions were regulatory penalties rather than true taxes.