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The company manages some of Canada's largest customs and logistics services and has earned a reputation for exactitude by maintaining a 99 percent process accuracy rate.
Le joueur, forme a l'Olympique Lyon, devra passer des examens approfondis pour connaitre avec exactitude la nature de sa blessure, meme si selon les premiers commentaires, le joueur n'a rien de grave.
Add in her fire in ballets like Nacho Duato's Jardi Tancat, combined with her magnetic stage presence and exactitude, and the former Houston Ballet corps member becomes even more captivating.
Having made something unexpectedly exciting out of Saint Laurent's sculptural exactitude, the display moves on to his textures, most of which are set in that section of the bandwidth that I would label intoxicating.
But it is love and not irritation that the exactitude at rehearsal fosters.
But I wouldn't feel competent to answer questions with the sort of exactitude that would be necessary in this house, as gaeilge, and as a result, I wouldn't do that.
It was well-researched and mirrored the reality on the ground with clarity and exactitude.
We are no longer constrained by the rigid exactitude demanded by small data; instead, with much larger and more comprehensive datasets we can gain greater insights at various analytical levels, from categories to sub-categories.
The echo of the bells, knowing some of the children personally, you feel the exactitude with each bell .
La richesse, l'analyse des evenements et leur exactitude avaient ete tres bien accueillis par d'eminents connaisseurs en la matiere dont, principalement, la doyenne des archeologues marocains, la jdidie NaEma Khatib-Boujibar, et l'ex-doyen de la Faculte des lettres de l'Universite Chouaib Doukkali, le professeur d'histoire moderne Mohamed Mahnaoui qui avaient accepte de prefacer ce temoignage historique.
As always in Ray's work, but in the figures with a new explicitness, the viewer is invited to reflect on the host of specific decisions that went into the finished sculpture: in Sleeping Woman, for example, the decisions as to exactly how to treat her hair and her sneakers, two elements that called for a greater degree of stylization than did any others; or, less obviously, precisely what degree of exactitude would best suit the detail of the top of her underwear, which becomes visible above the waist of her sweatpants at the rear of the piece.
I could see by its exactitude exactly how up above sea level I went