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I will not," continued he, after a moment's silence, "conceal from you, that while your probity and exactitude up to this moment are universally acknowledged, yet the report is current in Marseilles that you are not able to meet your liabilities.
His domestics perceived, by the manner in which he approached his carriage, that their master was not in the best of humors: the result of their discernment was, that his orders were executed with that exactitude of maneuver which is found on board a man-of-war, commanded during a storm by an ill-tempered captain.
As regularity is a prime condition facilitating activity, regularity in his household was carried to the highest point of exactitude.
She would not have cared to confess how infinitely she preferred the exactitude, the star-like impersonality, of figures to the confusion, agitation, and vagueness of the finest prose.
At ten o'clock Athos, with his habitual exactitude, was waiting on the Pont du Louvre and was almost immediately joined by Lord de Winter.
Throughout the day, except in her occasional outbursts of wailing grief, she had been in incessant movement, performing the initial duties to her dead with the awe and exactitude that belong to religious rites.
A Fahrenheit's thermometer in a mahogany case, and with a barometer annexed, was hung against the wall, at some little distance from the stove, which Benjamin consulted, every half hour, with prodigious exactitude.
And just like in years gone by, the band did not disappoint and had any young man watched the performance, he would wish to one day become a soldier like many others before him and play music with such scholarly exactitude and discipline.
His inclusivity and exactitude of detail, along with his tendency to follow narrative tangents to their exhausted ends, allows him to replicate on the page the nature of his own experience in a way that feels both expansive and microscopic.
Ces messieurs, dont le magot global a ete estime a quelque 14 milliards de dollars, sont tellement riches qu'ils sont incapables d'evaluer avec exactitude l'argent qui dort dans leurs coffres.
One of his most demanding ballets was William Forsythe's The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude.
The pair will look into the issue of whether the exactitude of the technology takes away the human factor - asking the question: "does this put design into a straight-jacket?