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The poor soul had expended all her little energies on this farewell feast,--had killed and dressed her choicest chicken, and prepared her corn-cake with scrupulous exactness, just to her husband's taste, and brought out certain mysterious jars on the mantel-piece, some preserves that were never produced except on extreme occasions.
The newcomer, who was bowing over her hand, was of medium height or a trifle less, dark, and dressed with the quiet exactness of an English gentleman.
that she adhered with literal exactness to orders which he had given and forgotten; that despite her natural fearlessness she asserted no rights, admitted his judgement to be in every respect the true one, and bent her head dumbly thereto.
What I liked then was regularity, uniformity, exactness.
Accordingly, he wrote an anonymous information, the minute exactness of which made up for its want of authenticity, and posted his letter.
But the report was lacking in certain areas in terms of exactness, detail and due diligence.
Children aged below 12 months were laid horizontally and measured by children's scale for weight with an exactness of 0.
McIntosh's acute sense of rhythm, her ruthless exactness of placement and formal precision, are what make Black Dress more than a spirited conundrum, though it is undeniably that too.
bidder will be examine exclusively by the Police Department as to exactness to specification and its relative need.
While ensuring a mathematical exactness in male-to-female population may be difficult as a societal formula, the truth is that the more skewed the gender imbalance, the more problems it creates for a society at multiple levels.
Seven speed settings allow for blending with exactness and control, and the allmetal drive provides reliable and lasting durability.
Since the measurement exactness depends on various factors such as GPS, the geographical situation of the area, topography, the number of covering satellites, etc; so, to reach certainty about the amount of exactness of the machine, DNR software which was being submitted by the designer of the machine is being used.