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In Engelhard's comparisons to conventional technology, advantages of the Exactus pyrometers include:
With Team Developer and SQLBase CenturaGarde products, Gupta is providing Exactus Impulso with a low-cost, low-maintenance, embeddable database with the highest level of security," said Gupta's David Bucknam, VP of Americas Sales.
The Exactus system combines two proven technologies: Creo SQUAREspot thermal laser imaging heads and the electrolytic copper removal process developed by Milan, Italy-based Acigraf Graphic Equipment S.
Julie Thomas, Director, Pharma/Biotech Sales, Exactus Pharmacy Solutions (WellCare) "Competing With Products Across Medical and Pharmacy Benefits: What You Should Know"
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Exactus, for example, is already competing in 15 countries, among them Mexico, where the company invested almost $1 million in 1998 in direct-sales sites.
13) The section contains some rare trade terms (cocionari, exactus ['hapax']), clarified in notes 210 and 216, and an apt use of 'praesens pro futuro' (nn.
Exactus Software, Avantica Technologies and Isthmus sponsored the event.
Pawar's investment in Exactus Corp comprises 75,000 shares valued at Rs 16 lakh.
Summary: Business Systems Group (BSG), the regional competency center for Exactus Systems Inc.
This year's finalists were Datalogic, Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions (EPS), Exactus and Log Cubes.
After reviewing enterprise on-premise ERP solutions from SAP, Microsoft and Exactus, BioPak quickly realised the scalability benefits of NetSuite's cloud-based business management suite to support its future expansion plans both regionally and globally.