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Fussy, mannered, artificial, exaggeratedly literate: the vocabulary and syntax of the second-phase fiction could not reject more plainly that vernacular compact of the Thirties.
But what is most perplexing about the text's exaggeratedly derivative and generic opening is that it casts doubt on how the poem is to be read at all, for as the text unfolds, one feels that satire is not exactly the right term for this particular style of derivation, and no clear sense of allegory suggests itself.
A short, effeminate figure, his trademark was a voice like a trumpet, an exaggeratedly posh accent and an extremely camp demeanour.
happy ever After is part four of Roberts's Bride Quartet, but newcomers to the series need not fear - this book easily holds its own as SaNdra maNGaN HHHHI Non-Fiction BorN BrIllIaNT -THE lIFE A short, effeminate figure, his trademark was a voice like a trumpet, an exaggeratedly posh accent and an oF KENNETH WIllIamS by Christopher Stevens, John murray, pounds 25 extremely camp demeanour.
Some passages are exaggeratedly exalted, and smooth rather than rawly laconic in Janacekian style.
His art only takes off when he comes to paint the kind of high-society characters who are supposed to be explicitly, even exaggeratedly artificial, yet who, thanks to his whitecaps of paint, also seem improbably spontaneous.
This restraint fades somewhat in Baldwin's treatment of filmmaker Oscar Micheaux--not only does he credit him, somewhat exaggeratedly, with developing the flashback as a cinematic device, but insists in the face of common sense that Micheaux's frequent reliance on a single take, even with mistakes included, was driven not by economic necessity but artistic choice.
This has not been the case and it has become sometimes exaggeratedly upset about Indian aid projects along its border, about Indian road construction, et cetera, and has been fearful that India is using its foothold in Afghanistan as a platform for a spy network.
The adult male characters also seem exaggeratedly cruel and two dimensional, making it difficult for the reader to retain any objectivity.
Alan Mendelson's Exiles from Nowhere: The Jews and the Canadian Elite, a study of anti-Semitism in what he exaggeratedly calls "the Canadian elite," may arouse a similar debate.
Malnourished children live in conditions resembling those exaggeratedly recounted by Monty Python's Four Yorkshiremen, their days ending by being "whipped soundly and sent to bed" (Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe).
On the other hand, I ask myself, isn't this the way out of the vicious spiral of exaggeratedly nostalgic memories, which have in fact very little in common with reality?