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Although the kitschy aesthetic excesses of blaxploitation have served as fertile terrain for parodic prodding since the 1970s--certainly, Shaft and Coffy seem downright sombre when compared to the exaggerative comedic exorbitance of films such as D'Urville Martin's Dolemite (1975) and Greydon Clark's Black Shampoo (1976), which seem to be unabashedly playing for laughs--the genre's tropes have warranted more self-serious cinematic evaluation in recent decades.
Many still remember Bush's "we will hunt them down in their caves" and the Texan's even more exaggerative "dead or alive" sentiments.
Irony and sarcasm are distinguished by their sharpness of attack, then the exaggerative arts of satire, parody, burlesque, and caricature are investigated through Revard, Alexie, and King.
As such, her more emphatic prose can often seem exaggerative.
The current situation helps explain the exaggerative solidarity with Al-Bashir and telephone communication with him, as well as demonstrating fears and concern about opening Cyan international barberry saloon in the Hague to be in charge of shaving hair and beards of many Arab leadersCO.
SIR - The claims made in favour of wind energy by wind power companies and "green" politicians are highly exaggerative.