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That's Garcia-Marquez for you--an exaggerator of realities--and in this book, he becomes a symbolic murderer of reality, an impersonator, an assassin of God.
Unger depicts La Follette as egomaniacal and hypochondriacal, an exaggerator who was stubborn, self-destructive, and often counterproductive politically.
The vindictive spouse looks for the carpet-bombing divorce lawyer; the dishonest business wants shady help in stiffing its creditors; the person nursing a dubious injury claim looks for the skilled exaggerator.
Never mind--White's book will do all the remembering for this sublime faker and exaggerator, who once confided to Sartre "that he detests flowers: it's not roses that he loves, it's their name.
Reporters "knew" Al Gore was a serial exaggerator, that Kerry was an out-of-touch, aristocratic elitist, and that Bush was an amiable goof.
He said Rose was known locally as a 'romancer, an exaggerator of facts who lived in a Walter Mitty world'.
Evaluating the overall pattern "to consider whether the exaggerator does in fact have a good point-despite the exaggeration" would better inform the public (p.
Although Churchill is clearly a doughty exaggerator, he isn't in the same league as ITV soccer pundit Andy Townsend, who was in brilliant form on The Big Match - Live
I was branded a complete failure, a liar and an exaggerator and made to feel everything was my fault.