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I presume her position there was not of the most exalted kind, yet it was sufficiently so to qualify her, in her own estimation, to talk politics.
his Exalted Fatness remonstrated, as the Professor led him away.
But come; I will myself lead you before our splendid, exalted, and most intellectual ruler.
He is a pure, exalted soul, but he is so unpractical.
Because I am not a pure, exalted soul," was the answer.
When he judged himself--that was his supreme moment; let not the exalted one relapse again into his low estate!
The majority of the younger men envied him for just what was the most irksome factor in his love--the exalted position of Karenin, and the consequent publicity of their connection in society.
I think he must be love-sick for some unknown lady,--some exalted Beatrice whom he met abroad.
Spear, as exalted ruler, will have the last say, standing in front of a 55-gallon drum that will hold the ashes of the burned flags.
The purpose of this service is to honor our country's flag, to celebrate the anniversary of its birth and to recall the achievements attained beneath its folds,'' said Elks Exalted Ruler David Coleman.
He was born September 11, 1946, and was a past exalted ruler of Simi Valley Elks Lodge 2492 and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
If you're a senior manager or executive whose sight is set on that exalted position, pick up The Five Temptations of a CEO: A Leadership Fable by Patrick Lencioni.