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Media reports said army officials entrusted with conducting the examinations took the extreme step to "save time" that would have been wasted on frisking more than a thousand examinees who had come with the hope to join army jobs.
With the introduction of this step, all permits issued to applicants who were previously entitled to translate the test material have been terminated; which is an important procedure towards ensuring transparency and neutrality of the test in respect of all examinees.
In order to prevent the problem of fake ID due to the inability to verify users' authentic identity (Apampa, 2010), we combined face notarisation with face recording to increase the system's capability of verifying real identity of each examinee to avoid fake ID or other cheating behaviours.
To compute RTE, examinee item responses are first classified as either exhibiting rapid guessing behavior (i.
Strictly speaking, this assumption might not always be correct because an examinee who knows nothing might nevertheless select the correct answer by chance.
Average value of smoking consumption period was higher in the group of examinees according to the length of smoking consumption period than in the group of examinees according to a number of cigarettes smoked daily.
Examinee participants included 74 volunteer school-age examinees recruited by the graduate school psychology students to participate in practice evaluations required for an intellectual assessment course.
However, it is important, that at the decision of the tasks with algorithm the examinee has found in a condition of a task the same s/s, which are available in the DDA.
Otherwise, the item is not administered and is marked as non-selectable from then on for that examinee.
Examinees were not even given any options from which to choose.
There were 13 285 first-time examinees during 2004.
If the psychiatrist is appointed by the court, and he or she has made clear to the examinee at the beginning of the interview that there's no physician-patient privilege, then one is both ethically and morally bound to report the confession, said Clifford E.