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First, it is clear that some groups of examinees are less likely to have access to, and hence experience and proficiency with, computers.
The data was assembled from 22 different sittings of the same test over the course of three years, when it was known not only how many examinees were taking the test at each session but also their individual grades and demographic variables.
Currier's suit, was taken by more than 33,000 examinees in the 2005-2006 academic year.
The examinees evaluated the image information as excellent in 45% of the cases, as very good in 24% of the cases, while the rest of the examinees (30% of them) gave the marks good, sufficient and insufficient.
An item with a high PBCC indicates that examinees with high test scores tend to answer it correctly and examinees with low test scores tend to answer it incorrectly.
Raising the passing grade on the bar exam by only two points results in a five-percentage point drop in white examinees passing the exam (74 percent to 69 percent), but a eight-percentage point drop in black examinees passing (53 percent to 45 percent).
The authors found that due to the adaptive nature of the COPI, the examinees, particularly those at the lowest proficiency levels, felt that the COPI was less difficult than the SOPI.
In a July 2011 bar exit survey of 1,973 bar examinees, at 24 randomly selected locations, who took bar review in states where Kaplan offers full service bar review, examinees who prepared with Kaplan rated Kaplan higher than examinees who prepared with BarBri in seven key categories, including exam likeness of the MBE (Multistate Bar Exam) practice questions; essay grading; amount of individualized guidance; amount of support; overall value; online tools; and simulated practice.
Le ministre des Moudjahidine, Tayeb Zitouni, a affirme, hier, a Alger, que des lois sur la protection des droits de la famille revolutionnaire etaient examinees, revisees ou actualisees au niveau d'ateliers au ministere.
HERAT CITY (Pajhwok): A lecturer and 42 university entrance test examinees have been arrested in western Herat province on the charge of leaking the exam's paper, officials said on Sunday.
The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introducedseven additional languages in the Theory Knowledge Driving Test,which enables examinees to select the option of running the text in their mother tongues.
The service, which enables examinees to select the option of running the text in their mother tongues, is part of RTA's continuous endeavour to realise its third strategic goal of making people happier.