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An official or other person empowered by another—whether an individual, business, or government agency—to investigate and review specified documents for accuracy and truthfulness.

A court-appointed officer, such as a master or referee, who inspects evidence presented to resolve controverted matters and records statements made by witnesses in the particular proceeding pending before that court.

A government employee in the Patent and Trademark Office whose duty it is to scrutinize the application made for a patent by an inventor to determine whether the invention meets the statutory requirements of patentability.

A federal employee of the Internal Revenue Service who reviews income tax returns for accuracy and truthfulness.


a barrister appointed by the court to take evidence outside the court. For Scotland, see COMMISSIONER.
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The complexities of these patents were causing problems for many examiners, so the office instituted a "second-set-of-eyes" system, which simply required an additional examiner to review each application.
Avoid writing memoranda using the question-and-answer format because reading it is tedious, and the opposing attorney likely will challenge the fraud examiner on why he or she asked a particular question but not another.
To cheek whether a bullet from a crime scene was fired from a specific gun, firearms examiners typically test-fire a bullet from the suspect gun and then compare the scratches on its land impressions to those on the crime-scene bullet.
While LIFE is not appropriate for everyone, taxpayers should consider and discuss the appropriateness of LIFE with their examiner.
The complaints about examiners, and test decisions led to the DSA paying out pounds 178,000 in compensation.
Nurses and other medical professionals, counselors, and advocates working with rape victims in hospitals, clinics, and other settings established the first Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner programs in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1976, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1977.
Last year the two sat down before the deal to buy The Examiner was announced.
Examiner officials blamed the late start on problems with computers and satellites that blocked the electronic transmission of pages from San Francisco to the paper's printing plant, located in Redwood City.
They also often fail to understand the role of the medical examiner as an intermediary among families, physicians, and hospital staff, frequently facilitating communication and exchange of information.
In order to make the best selection of an appropriate assessment technique, the examiner must know the nature of the client's visual impairment and the extent that there may be residual vision.
1104 of the Bankruptcy Code allows the court to appoint an examiner at the request of any party in interest or by the Trustee if: