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BEIRUT: At a Verdun intersection a traffic light flashes red, signaling drivers to stop, but a woman in a red SUV scoots across the road in defiance of the light, driving past a policeman who exasperatedly slams his fist against the hood of her car.
I found myself exasperatedly pointing out to friends puzzled by this bizarre spectacle.
Finally, exasperatedly, he offered a noncommittal nod toward reform: "I can tell you in general that if there are proposals that would deal with so-called frivolous lawsuits, without taking away the rights of ordinary people, then that's certainly something that I could support.
This would, as Tony Blair exasperatedly pointed out, be a disaster for jobs, industry and Britain's influence in Europe.
Indeed, when Malcolm asked the chief prosecutor why he was out to get McGough, he replied exasperatedly, :"A lawyer is convicted of 14 fraud crimes, and you ask me why the case was brought?
Phelan, who had exasperatedly bowed out of negotiations a month earlier, initially implied that he had played a part in securing the settlement before acknowledging Gage's role and defending his own efforts "to preserve order and prevent disturbances" during the strike.
37) Thus Vitoria complains that he hears "only of many scandals, cruel atrocities, and multiple impieties," (38) and exasperatedly exclaims, "Would that the sins of some Christians were not much worse (the sin of unbelief notwithstanding) than those among these barbarians
After I exited a 45-minute-long show at the KKNK (2004) in which the performers performed vigorously, despite the fact that there were only four spectators, a fellow festival-goer exasperatedly commented: Being only one of a few in an audience puts you under pressure.
As Browning wrote exasperatedly to Wedgwood in response to her criticism of the poem, "Before I die, I hope to purely invent something,--here my pride was concerned to invent nothing.
Some film-goers could be heard exhaling exasperatedly when an apparent ending proved to be false, while others scratched their heads as they spilled out of the theater.
When Hayes-Rore presses her on the subject, Helga exasperatedly wonders if she is "to be forever explaining her people--or lack of them?
I can afford to take occasional baths with bottled water, but it would be too much of an expense with my friend and his family around," he said exasperatedly.