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Once again the exasperating Muthesius tantalizes us with hints of demolitions, student riots and great fallings out.
What is most exasperating about these letters is that both hawks and doves fail to take on the really challending arguments confronting them.
With this trend taking hold, an increasing percentage of the simulation time is being consumed by testbench and less in design, even further exasperating the testbench performance bottleneck.
It is slightly exasperating the way the selections engage the reader, and then the story abruptly ends.
Think of your church as a teen-ager, a difficult issue; frequently exasperating, often mischievous, often disapproved of, but loved.
Kevin Smith's 1997 film Chasing Amy is just like my kid brother--alternately adorable and exasperating and full of cocky witticisms about life with very little experience to back them up.
This is an erudite, informative, challenging, and exasperating book.
Roissy, one of Europe's most functionally exasperating airports, keeps on getting larger, but this new addition actually attempts to celebrate air travel through a series of elegant, luminous volumes housed in an inventively engineered structure.
Japan trade talks are so protracted, circuitous, and exasperating, consider this: In Japan, the expression "that person says things clearly' is a term of disparagement, implying that the person has gone too far.
Some of Haneke's mind games may lead down blind alleys, but with a film this smart and sensational, you're more than willing to go wherever he leads you, even if the journey is sometimes exasperating.
Both the humorous and exasperating situations contribute to the life lessons that Pregosin learns over the years.