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And this phenomenon, deserving justly to be classed amongst the marvels of science, induced in Mr Verloc an emotional state of dread and exasperation tending to express itself in violent swearing.
It happened that Dunstan, a short time before, having had to get down to arrange his stirrup, had muttered a good many curses at this interruption, which had thrown him in the rear of the hunt near the moment of glory, and under this exasperation had taken the fences more blindly.
He devel- oped the acute exasperation of a pestered animal, a well-meaning cow worried by dogs.
CHRIS HUGHTON could barely conceal his exasperation at the ridiculous ban Anthony Knockaert (right) brought on himself.
She took to popular microblogging website Twitter to express exasperation following Imran Khan's presser.
Lupita took to her Twitter account to express her utter delight and exasperation that she couldn't buy tickets to the movie in which she stars as Nakia, a badass Wakandan warrior who moonlights as a super spy.
Lahore High Court has also expressed exasperation over worsening situation whereas Environment Protection Department Secretary, in written reply, has informed court that situation is deteriorating due to burning of paddy straw in Indian state Haryana.
We know well his voice and sense of humor, with its signature incredulity ("what's the deal with [fill in the blank]), and its air of bemused exasperation with, well, everything.
It is hoped that with Farolan's example, the public, for the good of all, will follow suit and help ease the infernal traffic, crowds, stress and exasperation that come with our observance of All Saints/Souls Day.
Thousands of Iranians congregated at the tomb of Cyrus the Great Friday in what was seen as a protest against the regime or, at least, an expression of exasperation with the Islamic Republic.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- When the Western world talks about the state of Turkish democracy, there comes a point of exasperation when a basic question is asked: "Are elections free and fair?
It's the kind of proposal that causes people to shake their heads in exasperation, if they're still bothering to tune in and follow the ongoing presidential election drama.