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Thus we passed through a scene of sufferings that exceeds description.
The mean distance from the Atlantic to the Mississippi does not probably exceed seven hundred and fifty miles.
As the force of impressions generally depends on preconceived ideas, I may add, that mine were taken from the vivid descriptions in the Personal Narrative of Humboldt, which far exceed in merit anything else which I have read.
Among the scenes which are deeply impressed on my mind, none exceed in sublimity the primeval forests undefaced by the hand of man; whether those of Brazil, where the powers of Life are predominant, or those of Tierra del Fuego, where Death and decay prevail.
It is probable that the picturesque beauty of many parts of Europe exceeds anything which we beheld.
The kindness which he showed in devoting himself to my assistance exceeds all description.
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When the taxable income does not exceed Rs 300,000 no tax would be applicable.
Under existing law, regular IRAs can be converted to Roth IRAs if the taxpayer's modified AGI (excluding the conversion income) does not exceed $100,000 and the taxpayer is not a married individual filing a separate return (unless living apart from the spouse throughout the year of the conversion).
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