exceeding the usual

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They are in a state of extreme contraction, far exceeding the usual rigor mortis.
Berkovich, Kazarin, and Zhmud' introduce character theory and its applications in the representation theory of finite groups to people with a comparatively modest mathematical background, exceeding the usual algebra course only with a knowledge of finite groups, even if a superficial knowledge.
MOL said its sales volumes increased as well, with motor fuel consumption growth exceeding the usual seasonal highs.
The current Filipino peacekeeping forces in Golan Heights would be serving for more than a year by December, exceeding the usual six months of duty.
2 trillion yen surplus the previous day, but nonetheless exceeding the usual 1 trillion yen.
He hugs them and professes his love for them, even exceeding the usual prerequisites of a home-town journalist, and his love is constant, right up until the day they're arrested or released when, in a Post tradition that dates even before Dick Allen, he writes about what terrible people they were.
Around mid-March, in a woodland den at the far end of an open field and wetland cow pasture, a red fox vixen gave birth to nine pups, a litter size far exceeding the usual two or three.