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For years, Emergent has leveraged Excel Switching Corporation's expertise in developing carrier-class equipment," said Nathan Franzmeier, CEO of Allen,TX-based Emergent Network Solutions, a leading provider of open solutions and services to carriers operating in the emerging network.
The telecommunications market is a constant state of evolution, and carriers need the most flexible and easily deployed technologies to effectively adapt to these changes," said Peter Vescuso, vice president, market development, Excel Switching Corporation and Brooktrout Technology.
Once again Excel is ready to provide carriers the tools to migrate from existing TDM-based networks to VoIP with SS7 signaling for fully integrated solutions capable of delivering new services," said Mike Twomey, vice president of product management and marketing for Excel.
By partnering with Vocalocity for the creation of CSP VoiceXML, Excel now provides telecom carriers with a distinct competitive advantage for offering lucrative next-gen speech services to subscribers," said Harold Klett, vice president, product management, Excel Switching Corp.
Under terms of the joint marketing initiative, customers that purchase an Excel Integrated Media Gateway (IMG) 1010 prior to December 31, 2006, may be eligible to receive up to $5,600 in free termination services on the worldwide Ntera network.
Headquartered in Hyannis, Massachusetts, Eastwind has already entered into a distribution agreement with Excel Switching Corporation, a leading provider of carrier-class media gateways, media servers, signaling gateways, and enhanced service platforms.
Qualmax, a specialized VoIP solutions provider, systems integrator and Excel distribution partner, worked closely with LatiNode during the IMG 1010 selection and deployment process.
Prior to joining Excel, Asten served as president of Telco Systems, a leader in network edge technology and IP switching platforms.
323 networks while simultaneously supporting IP-IP transcoding on a percentage of calls," said Michael Twomey, vice president, product planning and management, Excel Switching Corporation.
Housed in a 40,000 square foot ISO 9001:2000 registered facility, Excel OPS offers a wide array of design, integration and support services that allow clients to leverage Excel's integration capabilities in order to focus on their own, unique core competencies.
Qualmax's experience in distributing and reselling VoIP products and services is a strategic advantage for Excel," says Craig Colin, Excel's VP of Sales, Americas.