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There are also cases of exception, but according to the adagio exceptio est strictissime interpretationis et aplicationis, the cases must be expressly provided by the law.
However, it is important to understand that as a matter of law, the civilian paradigm still demands that the judge merely find a duty of, or exceptio grounded in, good faith, and that the party benefitting from such emanations of good faith does so as a matter of right.
o oio Marohn Too many players were below par, w Steven Pienaar the honourable exceptio Everton missed the stupidly suspended M ouane Fellani although the returning Jo Heitinga did his best to add bite to midfi until being withdrawn for his own go following an first-half booking from Web the referee, of course, who sent him off in t summer''s World Cup final.
Vestra enim litigia, libelli datio, exceptio, responsio, citationes, testium productiones, appellatio et sexcenta alia iuris, ut aiunt, a vobis reperta impedimenta, ut molestiam et impensarum onus ac fastidia omittam, odio sunt civitati, adeo ut omnes fere civium controversiae a suis cuiusque exercitii iudici-bus, reiecta vestra verbositate, decidantur.
In 1993 these three airlines were awarded the following special rights: (1) to buy or lease aircraft and other transport equipment (after consultation with CAAC); (2) to borrow money from domestic or international markets as an independent legal entity; (3) to appoint managers to most of the key posts (with the exceptio n of the presidents and vice presidents and their major subsidiaries); (4) to set prices according to market demand conditions, subject to maintaining a "base price" on average; and (5) to staff their overseas postings (a discretion normally restricted to senior administrative levels such as provincial governments).
If you believe the people pushed out of bigger firms, commercial or professional, the ones I know would say, without exceptio n, that their lifestyle is now superior," says Ms Nelder.
Reading Charles-Edwards's explanation of the Welsh arddelw in terms of the Roman exceptio (pp.
10) In limba latina: exceptio est strictissimae interpretationis
These remedies include the exceptio non-adimpleti contractus, (90) which allows the creditor to delay performance until the debtor performs properly, and quanti minoris, (91) which gives the court the ability to reduce the correlative obligations of a creditor who is faced with a contract breach.
10) In limba latina exceptio est strictissimae interpretationis