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EVERY NOW and then an exceptionable book appears in the market place and such is After the Locusts, Letters from a Landscape of Faith, by Denise M.
I must beg leave to request your assistance to point out the most exceptionable parts & to inform me if I have conceived it in any degree agreable [sic] to the proposition if you should think my request unfair I wish you to know that I then cease to desire your Ideas on the subject, tho' most sensible to the want of your assistance: I must confess I am very doubtful of the propriety of my Ideas respecting it .
Neither the two portions of the index--exam score and grades--nor the relative weights that they are assigned, are exceptionable.
The nominees are an exceptionable lot, running the gamut from a charter jet service and an environmental clean-up firm to a bakery and Internet firm run by young people.
It's clear that it was as much the performers ('sometimes of exceptionable character') that got his goat, as the combination of sacred scripture and the concert hall.
Sands is an innovative thinker and an exceptionable businessman," said Alan Greenberg, co-chairman and co-chief executive officer of CCA Global Partners.
More exceptionable is the book's one-sided treatment of longstanding controversies, both large and small.
that the parliament of Great Britain, or the legislatures of the particular states, can rectify the exceptionable decisions of their respective courts, in any other sense than might be done by a future legislature of the United States.
Less exceptionable are the remarks on the second miniature depicting the Palace of Honor and the Temple of Minerva.
While there is nothing exceptionable about this -- indeed the heightened interest is to be welcomed -- this paper attempts to address a lacuna in the literature by exploring the potential for addressing environment-economy integration by examining the potential for measures on the "input" side of the economy.
The kind of humility that John displays when Jesus shows up is remarkable all the more because John is an exceptionable leader in his own right.

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