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We do not find that the 11th article is asked for by Virginia or any other State; we therefore conceive that the people of Virginia should be consulted with respect to it, even if we did not doubt the propriety of adopting it; but it appears to us to be highly exceptionable.
His fancy had been early caught by all the impassioned, & most exceptionable parts of Richardsons; & such Authors as have since appeared to tread in Richardson's steps, so far as Man's determined pursuit of Woman in defiance of every opposition of feeling & convenience is concerned, had since occupied the greater part of his literary hours, & formed his Character.
The ordinary relations of men are not competitive and antagonistic as in free society; and selfishness is not general, but exceptionable.
1900) ("It is good that authors should be remunerated; and the least exceptionable way of remunerating them is by a monopoly.
He concluded it to be as exceptionable as any clause, in so few words, could be.
The (Jewish) editor of the LRB saw nothing exceptionable in the work; it fell within the parameters of respectable debate in the UK.
Lawrence," Brown wrote, "having fine weather, a broad awning to recline under, excellent stores of all kinds, an exceptionable cook, lots of books, chessboards, backgammon and so forth.
Ignatieff's five "tests" for coercive action are neither exceptional nor exceptionable.
Foulkes comes to honest but uninspiring conclusions: 'This exuberant participation in charades, dumb-shows, tableaux vivants and such like was clearly not at all unusual for men of Carroll's age and background'; 'In summary then it is difficult to find anything exceptionable in Carroll's playgoing.
and issued a ticket to every individual found to be 'not exceptionable.
The word "weird" seems a bit extreme, with "surprising" being less exceptionable, but McKeon put the bat on the ball.

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