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They may be there, though for the purpose of concealment, for no more exceptional purpose.
To be so great and to remain so accessible to the affection of one's fellow-men is the mark of exceptional humanity.
So exceptional a confectioner elevated the business, and might well begin to make disengaged hearts flutter a little.
He carries within him the germ of his most exceptional action; and if we wise people make eminent fools of ourselves on any particular occasion, we must endure the legitimate conclusion that we carry a few grains of folly to our ounce of wisdom.
Unless, then, I am cursed with an exceptional physical constitution, as I am cursed with an exceptional mental character, I shall not much longer groan under the wearisome burthen of this earthly existence.
Tell him it's a very exceptional chance," answered Mademoiselle Noemie; "an homme du monde--one gentleman conversing with another
I am not in the habit offeecially of carrying such gauds to subordinates, but' - he giggled - 'your case is noted as exceptional on the books.
Madame," I burst out, "I don't know where a question of friendship comes in here with a person whom you yourself call so exceptional.
The only thing that was exceptional was the rapidity of her march; for the jump she had taken since he left her in the hands of Mr.
It was in the latter days of September, and the equinoctial gales had set in with exceptional violence.
But it was quite a queer and exceptional pattern," argued March; "surely it is far too fantastic a coincidence to imagine--"
About this particular evening, however, there was something exceptional.

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