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And this very exceptionality characterises their new 2-CD release, Musici da camera.
All patients are assessed against these protocols and only patients who meet the required criteria, or who demonstrate clinical exceptionality and have been approved by the funding committee, can access the treatments in question.
He added: "Even if exceptionality is agreed, a treatment may still be refused on affordability.
Summary: CAIRO - Naguib Mahfouz achieved worldwide literary fame because of his universality, although, according to the literati, recognition by the West of his exceptionality and greatness came too late.
For his turn, Mikati said that Lebanon's stance at the Arab League was based on "historic and geographic realities that take into consideration Lebanon's exceptionality which our brotherly Arabs understand.
The sense of uniqueness and exceptionality of our citizens becomes clear.
The OCS selects its recipients on various criteria including the financial strength of a company, the exceptionality of a company's innovative technology, and the potential of a company's technology to significantly improve an existing product or process.
The study found that the school district under examination was generally doing a good job of inclusion in the eyes of the students, and that there were little differences in this view between groups of children identified with exceptionality, and those who were not.
Caption: JUSTYN EASTLING, a fourth-grade student in the varied exceptionality program at Grove Park Elementary School in Palm Beach Gardens, created the winning artwork for this year's holiday greeting card contest sponsored by the West Palm Beach/Jupiter firm of Littky, Smith, Phipps, Casas, and Phillips.
They don't have strong faith in institutionalism and want to run on the base of exceptionality.