excessive amount

See: surfeit
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And third, instead of spending an excessive amount of money on one-off proprietary systems, NBC is using the Avid Unity MediaNetwork system to integrate its workflow with solutions from several other vendors.
Everyone who drives a gas-guzzling SUV should feel an extra pinch for the excessive amount of fuel consumed and for the excessive pollution emitted.
A traditional analog amplifier powering a compact, 1-DIN car audio head unit would cause an excessive amount of heat to be dissipated under the dash due to its poor efficiency.
The city's war chest for this fiscal year now stands at $550,000 total - an excessive amount, said Councilman Michael Harrison who cast the dissenting vote.
Challenge II is a unique industry competition and demonstrates that sophisticated speech solutions do not have to take a lot of money or an excessive amount of time," said Steve Pollock, executive vice president and co-founder, TuVox.
The best: After an excessive amount of glib sensation and scatological gags in the show's opening moments, it tries to shift gears to grindingly wring pathos from Van's partner's murder.
At that stage, the search begins to gobble up an excessive amount of computer time.
The home we moved into this year was planted with invasive bamboo and an excessive amount of ivy.
Traditional keyword search solutions often return hundreds or even thousands of hits that require a user to spend an excessive amount of time weeding through the results," said Larry Mark, Chief Technology Officer, SER Solutions, Inc.
Another possibility, if it is the same species as its flowering neighbors, is that it received more fertilizer and/or water than the other plants and therefore put on an excessive amount of vegetative (stem and leaf) growth at the expense of reproductive (flower) growth.
For large memory instances, layout parasitic extraction can take an excessive amount of time and generate huge amounts of circuit data.
At a glance, he knows how many backups were supposed to be performed, how many were actually performed, the average backup time and any backups that took an excessive amount of time to complete.