excessive burden

See: surcharge
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In the TRA's view, it strikes a fine balance between on the one hand protecting the consumer from being exposed to unintended unaffordable high international roaming bills, while on the other hand making sure that the limit is set at such a level that it does not become an inconvenience to the consumers nor an excessive burden on operators to implement," it said.
The proposal would establish a 30-day threshold, along with other uniform rules, to help ensure that the state receives the appropriate amount of taxes deserved without putting an excessive burden on the employees or employers who frequently work in multiple states.
And the rules are necessary to provide reasonable protection of the water and air from pollutants released by the fracking process - hardly an unreasonable or excessive burden for the industry.
When contacted, PIMS Spokesperson Waseem Khawaja said that the patients get the long date owing to the excessive burden of patients, who run in thousands.
He pointed out that it has become difficult to operate tube wells due to the excessive burden on the existing feeders in the areas of Kalat and Mangochar particularly he hails from.
Turkey s energy conundrum goes like this: How do you satisfy a rapidly-growing demand for electricity without increasing your reliance on expensive energy imports or putting an excessive burden on the environment?
By doing so we can all help reduce the excessive burden of rising EU imposed tariffs.
We strongly protest the government's forcible celebration without looking squarely at Japan's subservient diplomacy toward the United States, the excessive burden on Okinawa of hosting U.
A decision was issued to prevent access of vehicles with carrying capacity that is less than 25 passengers in order to alleviate excessive burden on roads leading to, from and through Mecca and the holy shrines.
It places an excessive burden on borrowers to provide additional equity and meet higher net worth and liquidity requirements to obtain financing.
NFU president Peter Kendall said: "The Court criticises the European Commission for the complexity of its reform proposals, going so far as to say that it doubts whether the some of the proposals can be implemented effectively without excessive burden on farmers.
Now Bodafon Fields Preservation Association (BFPA) fears householders in 65 proposed new homes would place an excessive burden on roads and services.