excessive demand

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When excessive demand is placed on the site, 4Kids.
Nederlander, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since May 1989, stated that his resignation was due to the excessive demand on his time from other business interests.
The Siebel Institute of Technology has announced that, due to overwhelming interest and excessive demand, it will offer a fourth short course in brewing technology.
Chinas lack of virgin forests and recent manufacturing boom have created an atmosphere of excessive demand for recovered paper and an increasing level of consumption that is expected to continue through at least 2010.
Due to excessive demand from exhibitors coming from Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey and Cyprus, the European section of the exhibition has now been closed to new exhibitors from those countries, with a waiting list eager to sign up.
Taipei, June 10, 2011 (CENS)--Thanks to excessive demand, the profit margins for optical-disc makers have turned positive, while CD-R disc prices are expected to rise by 20% in the second half, according to CMC Magnetics Corp.
The downtown market continues its brisk sales pace with excessive demand as is evidenced by this sale at nearly $300 per square-foot," said Peter J.
This segment of the market has been steadily increasing in price in recent years, caused by the excessive demand for rental apartments and the relatively abundant financing that's available for this type of property.
Against a backdrop of the excessive demand, the company decided to build the factory.
A statement issued on the website yesterday for fans who have already placed orders read: "Due to the excessive demand, we would like to advise you that delivery of your new shirt will take up to 14 days.
While the financial press has warned of the large amount of bullet loans coming due, we have not witnessed an excessive demand from this type of borrower.
A slight reprieve in this week's heat wave will end tonight and the high temperatures expected to linger into next week have power companies girding for potentially excessive demand.